Sunday, June 17, 2007

See Ya Suckers!

Hey Y'all,
At the studio where I work it has become a tradition to make a book of charactures for the departing. If someone leaves we have a party or lunch, we get a little tipsy (or more) and give them this great notebook of drawings done by everyone in the department. It's great fun and I can't wait to leave so I can get some cool art work.
Anyway some artists have recently rolled off some current projects and have relocated or headed toward greener pastures. These represent the last four of our dear fellow artists who have left the nest or flown the coup, which ever the case may be. They were all done with love and good humor and are now posted here for your enjoyment. Some of you may know some of the fellows depicted in the following images, if not, I hope you still get a kick out of the funny pictures I dun drew.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Princess and the Tiger

This was done as a warm up for a completely unrelated project.
I thought it would be fun to loosen up while creating some art for my daughter.
It is based on a story we wrote together while selling lemonade on our front lawn. Both of which were her ideas. This is just a character study for now, but I am sure my daughter will have some art direction notes and requests for more art in the next few days. I think she is taking after me a bit, but with her mom's brain power. So needless to say I am looking at the next decade or so of being the in house art monkey. It could be worse.
I hope you dig it. Maybe I will post the story some day. It's pretty good. It made me laugh as I was being dictated too by a five year old.
until next time.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Retro-Active still active

OK here is another Location study for my short film. It's a run down industrial area where my main character gets in to a fight with a rather large robot. In this scene he is trying to get away. The camera will track with him as he jumps some rubble and junk. ( that is some cinematography speak for y'all.)
I have also started this in 3D to use as a test scene. Wish me luck. I am really trying to get some style in to this silly computer of mine.