Friday, January 07, 2011

Someone wrote a Book!

If I were to write a book, the cover would look like this...
Here is the Plot...
Surrounded by Automatrons that cator to his every whim and ensure his safety from unknown dangers the Tomorrow Child longs to know what are beyond his city's walls. He is a boy who has everything except something to live for, until one morning a simple discovery changes everything.
The image was inspired by a Hugh Ferris drawing that I saw once.
The story, well I just made it up while i did the image. It helps to have a hook when doing an illustration. I always come up with epic tales when drawing stuff.
Now, of course, I didn't really write a book, but I do know someone who has, and it is a pretty epic tale and even has science in it.
Check out the real book here...
A Double Life by Lisa Catherine Harper.
BTW she's my wife ans she is pretty awesome check out here site


Christopher said...

As a former architecture student I'm a fan of Hugh Ferris drawings and you've really captured that here, great stuff.

Magda said...

I came across this webpage because of your wife's book:) I have read it and loved it! I think it captured the ups and downs of parenthood pretty well. I'd recommend it to any parents-to-be.

BTW, I live in Poland, so it's fame is spreading:)